Exchange Conditions of ASCEMCOL

Working Conditions
Languages Remarks

The availability of the spots for English speaking students depends on the LC, please read carefully before applying.
The LCs that accept English speaking students are ACEMED-UPTC in Tunja and ACEMED UM in Manizales. Nonetheless most of our patients only speak Spanish so we recommend having some Spanish skills. 

For preclinical clerkships we can only accept Spanish speaking students because that the classes are given in Spanish.

Clerkship Type
- Clinical Clerkship
A clinical clerkship is defined as the rotation of a student in a clinical department of a hospital or clinic, such as Dermatology and Pediatrics.
- Preclinical Clerkship
A preclinical clerkship is defined as the rotation of a student in a preclinical department at a Medical Faculty/School or Hospital, such as Biology and Chemistry
Required level of studies

For Preclinical clerkships any level of studies is required, the only LCs in which the preclinical exchange is available are ACEMCES Medellin, ACEMUSC Cali and ACEMED UPTC Tunja.

For clinical clerkships the student must have completed at least the 3rd year or 5th semester and Students must have passed courses related to the discipline before applying to any desired department.

Graduated students allowed

Even if accepted by the hosting country, students must be still enrolled in university by the time the Application Form is sent.
Clerkship Duration
4 weeks, 8 hours a day, 5 days per week
Dress code
What to Bring
- White coat
- Stethoscope
- Lamp
- Reflex Hammer
- Surgical Scrubs
Academic Quality
The student will be temporarily enrolled during his or her clerkship at one of our universities and will be tested for the same skills as the Colombian students are.

We strictly follow the student handbook and our tutors will ask you for it. We accompany our incomings constantly and have started providing Upon arrival trainings, in all cases they have at least 2 people who are constantly helping them and looking after them.

All incomings are invited to the educational activities programmed by the LC and when possible will be able to attend classes.

We have regional social programs for the incomings and the LCs in our NMO are available to host the incoming if they wish to visit other cities on their free time.

Special Remarks
  • Preclinical students cannot attend clinical clerkships.
  • Students must have passed courses related to the discipline before applying to any desired department.
  • It is required an 80% attendance of the total duration of the clerkship in order to receive its certification. 
  • The student must follow the local regulations in order to receive the certificate by the end of the clerkship.
  • The tutors define the hours of the clerkship, but it tends to be around 10 hours a day. You MUST respect and honour the tutors schedule and will only be allow to miss days if arranged with the LEO and tutor beforehand.

  • Students can replace workdays for nightshifts or weekends to recover absent days depending on on-site arrangements with his or her tutor or university.
  • Nightshifts depend on the department of rotation and the doctor who will be supervising them but they are optional for most departments.  

Cities Remarks

We cannot guarantee that you will be accepted in the city of your choice, but we will do our best.  ACEMCES Medellin is our most requested LC but they have VERY limited spots so we cannot guarantee that you will be placed there, please choose some alternative LCs.

Colombia (ASCEMCOL) - ASCEMAP Fundación Universitaria Autónoma de las Américas Pereira, Risaralda will be receiving 12 students per year, 10 for preclinical departments (Microbiology, Prehospital Care, Investigative knwoledge and pathophysiology) and 2 for clinical departments (Internal medicine, general surgery and obstetrics). For preclinical departments the spots will be available from February to May, and July to November; for clinical departments, all year will be available. 
Calendar Remarks
We have very limited spots in december and january due to universities calendar.

Exchanges during december and january will have to be done by calendar month.

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Disciplines Remarks

We offer orthopaedics along with traumatology.

The disciplines available depend on the LCs availability and tutors, please check the LC explore page before applying.

Pocket money
- Host family
- Host family
- Student flat
Social Program
  • Each local committee will provide all the information regarding cities tourist sites.
  • Some local committees have an established and scheduled social program. If more information is needed, please contact your (our) LEO.
Student with disabilities
Link to ExPlore Page
Special Remarks
    We can receive couples (two exchange students using bilateral contracts with ASCEMCOL) at the same city, but most of the times we are not able to place them in the same house or in the same hospital.
    If a couple wants to rent a place to stay together, they must do it on their own - in this case ASCEMCOL won't pay neither for the board nor the lodging. If you are planning to apply as a couple, please make sure that your NEO asks in advance for availability.
Application Form
Unilateral fee
300 EUR
Payment details for unilateral fee
All the payment details will be provided after the agreement with the NMO.
Visa requirements
A student visa is MANDATORY in some local committees. Information regarding this point will be given to you by one of our LEOs once allocation has been done. For further information regarding this topic, please consult:

Link to Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website (or any other website that provides official information on visa)
Special Remarks
  • The student has to send his or her Application Form and its correspondent Card of Documents filled up and 100% complete. Applications missing information or documents will be returned to your NEO.
  • Students coming from countries in which Spanish is not a native language have to attach a language certificate in order to prove fluency/proficiency.
  • All the attached documents must be in Spanish or English (or must have a translation).
  • Some universities may requiere extra documents or a special application form. The NEO or LEO (from ASCEMCOL) will contact you. Please send those documents as soon as they are requested.
  • Original documents have to be presented by the student the first day of the clerkship.
Card Of Documents
Standard documents
- Motivation Letter for Department 1
- Card of Document
- Passport copy(*) These documents are required to be sent with Application Form
- Card of Document
- Photo
- Card of Document
- Proof of Enrollment(*) These documents are required to be sent with Application Form
- Card of Document
- HepB Antibodies count(*) These documents are required to be sent with Application Form
- Card of Document
- Immunisation Record(*) These documents are required to be sent with Application Form
- Card of Document
- Language certificate
- Card of Document
- Motivation Letter for Department 2
- Card of Document
- Recommendation Letter
- Card of Document
- Student record (Subjects passed)(*) These documents are required to be sent with Application Form
- Card of Document
- Health Insurance
- Card of Document
- Other
- Card of Document
- Vaccination Card
- Card of Document
Special documents
- Curriculum Vitae
- Card of Document
- Liability Insurance
- Card of Document
Upon Arrival documents
The standard documents are the basic documents that the students are asking for and the special documents are less important, as only some Local Committees ask for them. So it's mandatory to upload the standard documents, but not the special ones. (Students do it when asked for by the LEO/NEO.)
The upon arrival documents are hard copies documents that the students are requested to take with them in the host country.”
Immunization requirements
- Yellow Fever


HEALTH INSURANCE IS MANDATORY. It cannot be arranged in our country. Students need to arrange it in their own country, but it has to have international coverage. 

We do not ask for travel insurance. If students still want this insurance, they have to arrange them in their own country.

Generally, we do not ask for malpractice insurance. Some universities require a malpractice insurance and it has to be arranged in our country.

Some universities require some especial coverage, it will be inform to the student by the LEO.

Our universities will help the exchange students get an extra insurance that is required to do the clerkship. To get this extra insurance we need the students to have international coverage on their health insurance and bring their passport.

6 Weeks

Special remarks

Varicella zoster Virus antibodies count with a positive result is MANDATORY


The students will need to bring their passport, even if they are from Latin America. They will need their passports with them to be able to do the clerkship at the hospital and the registration at the university.


Most LCs require 3 printed photos of 3x4 cm in blue background. The LEOs will contact you about it.


Please bring your university ID card.

Card of Acceptance
8 Weeks
Special remarks
Card of Acceptance will be submitted 8 weeks in advance of the 1st day of the clerkship, however, there might be a chance of change of the hosting departments after the submission. 

We can only accept graduated students in LCs ACEMUNAB Bucaramanga and ACEMED UPTC Tunja.
Card of Confirmation
4 Weeks
Special remarks
Please send your CC with the actual information of your arrival, that way we can coordinate our contact person, host and LEO to welcome you.
4 Weeks
Special remarks
In case of cancellation no money will be refunded in case of unilateral exchanges.
6 Weeks
Special remarks
Substitutions cam be arranged for the same exchange period.
Additional Information
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