Exchange Conditions of IFMSA-Jo

Working Conditions
Not Required
Languages Remarks
Arabic (for communication with patients)
Clerkship Type
- Clinical Clerkship
A clinical clerkship is defined as the rotation of a student in a clinical department of a hospital or clinic, such as Dermatology and Pediatrics.
Required level of studies
We prefer Clinical students as to maximise the Academici benefit of their clincal clerkship. We do, however, accept preclinical students into our clinical program.
Graduated students allowed

Even if accepted by the hosting country, students must be still enrolled in university by the time the Application Form is sent.
Clerkship Duration
4 weeks, 6 hours a day, 5 days per week
Dress code
What to Bring
- White coat
- Stethoscope
Academic Quality
- Incomings are requested to bring their logbook with them.
- Full status, we take Academic Quality very seriously and expect the exchange student to work in the hospital as a full member of the clinician's team.
- Exchange students are encouraged to participate in all the activities held in their departments. In addition, students are welcome to join any activities or workshops made for medical students.
Special Remarks
The official teaching and studying language in Jordan is English. So you need to take into account that all activities in the departments are in English, however communication with the patients will be held in Arabic but the staff is usually very cooperative and would offer immediate translation to English for you. We highly encourage you to learn some basic Arabic to make the most of your exchange, but it is okay if you don't.
in order to get the certificate you will be asked to: attend 80% of the clerkship, fill in the logbook and fill in the Evaluation Form (online).
In case the student doesn't abide the rules of the flat/coexistence/hospital, we reserve the right of expelling them from the exchange. Being that the case, they should find their own accommodation and will not get a certificate.
Friday and Saturday.
- Exchange students work under the same conditions as local students and must obey all hospital regulations. Students are also encouraged to participate in all the activities held in their departments.
- Students are subjected to the schedule of each instructor they are rotating with.
- STUDENTS ARE MAINLY OBSERVERS. However, some instructors may allow some assistance especially if the student is in the final year of study.
- Surgical departments require attending operations, clinics and seminars or lectures provided by instructors. Students are expected to participate in all the department activities.
- Exchange students cannot use their OWN scrubs when they go into the Operation Theaters because the hospital provides Sanitized Scrubs.

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Cities Remarks
  • Available cities: Amman and Irbid.
  • Hashemite University and Mutah University are Local Committees outside Amman but place all their incomings in Amman.
Calendar Remarks
  • Rotations are available all year long, but NOT RECOMMENDED in May (Exams) nor in Ramadan (1st of May- 31st May/2019).
  • Only full calendar months are available; unless an exception was accepted by the NEO-In.
  • There is a specific number of students that can be accepted in each LC every month, therefore it is preferred to contact the NEO-In to check for availability before filling the application form with the desired dates.

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Disciplines Remarks
-Though not compulsory, its is highly recommended to be fluent in the Arabic Language if you wish to apply to the Pediatrics department.

If you are applying for a Public Health Exchange, please check the Public Health Exchange Internship Database with our internship proposals: CLICK HERE.
Pocket money
- Hospital
- Student flat
Social Program
  • IFMSA-Jo arranges a big FREE social program during July and August; the golden triangle trip (to Petra, Aqaba and Wadi Rum) as well as the NFDP night social. (Petra entrance fees are payed by the incoming students)
  • Social activities are held every weekend in the period of the clerkship and involve many programs such as sight-seeing, recreational activities, attending national and international events and many others; specifically in August. In addition, exchange students are welcome to join any activities made for medical students.
  • There is no extensive social program in the other months, but the SCOPE local teams are always available for help and guidance.
  • More details will be given by the LEOs after being accepted.
  • We highly recommend purchasing a"Visit Jordan Pass" at a price of 70 JODs ()which will cover the visa fees and entery to all major attractions of Jordan (including Petra). This will save the students a minimum of 30-40 JODs per visit to Jordan. More details can be found on:


The Jordan Pass is the ultimate sightseeing package that has been especially tailor-made for visitors to the beautiful Kingdom of Jordan. It gives pass holders the ability to make the most out of their trip visiting top sights and attractions while saving time, money and efforts.

  • Hassle-free prepaid entry to over 40 attractions in Jordan.

  • Free downloadable digital brochures covering all of Jordan’s tourist attractions.

  • Waiving of tourist entry visa fees if you purchase the Jordan Pass before arrival to Jordan and stay a minimum of three nights (4 days).

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- Our Survival Kit 2017:

- Our Survival Kit 2016:

- Our Social Program Video:

- Our Social Program Photos: 

- Our Hospitals:

Student with disabilities
Link to ExPlore Page
Special Remarks
  • Couples can get an acceptance as all other students, but they will not be placed in the same local committee, hospital nor flat.

    Lodging is free for students on bilateral exchange.
- One meal a day will be provided or its equivalent amount in pocket money.
- We provide 60 JD (~ 72 €) as pocket money if we do not offer boarding, in order to cover one meal per working day.
Application Form
Unilateral fee
400 JOD
Payment details for unilateral fee
Unilateral Fees must be handed immedietly upon arrival of the incoming student. Failure todo so may and will result in cancillation of exchange. Upon NEO/LEO decision, the unilateral fee may be requested prior to the exchange of the clerkship via a wired transaction. If this is the case the incomings student will informed and any transaction fees will be covered by the incoming student.
Visa requirements
  • If you need a Visa, please contact our embassy.
  • Apply for a "Tourist Visa"
  • Certain nationalities require an entry visa to be obtained prior to travel. It is recommended that you check with the Jordanian diplomatic mission in your country prior to travel to ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork for travel.
  • Visit the Visa section of Jordan Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
    >> <<
  • Also you can visit : and buy a Jordan pass.
Link to Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website (or any other website that provides official information on visa)
Special Remarks
Card Of Documents
Standard documents
- Passport copy(*) These documents are required to be sent with Application Form
- Card of Document
- Photo(*) These documents are required to be sent with Application Form
- Card of Document
- HepB Antibodies count(*) These documents are required to be sent with Application Form
- Card of Document
- Language certificate(*) These documents are required to be sent with Application Form
- Card of Document
- LC Application form(*) These documents are required to be sent with Application Form
- Card of Document
- SCOPE Terms and Conditions(*) These documents are required to be sent with Application Form
- Card of Document
- Health Insurance(*) These documents are required to be sent with Application Form
- Card of Document
- Proof of Enrollment(*) These documents are required to be sent with Application Form
- Card of Document
- Immunisation Record(*) These documents are required to be sent with Application Form
- Card of Document
- Proof of Enrollment
- Paper
Special documents
- Motivation Letter for Department 1
- Card of Document
- Curriculum Vitae
- Card of Document
Upon Arrival documents
- Health Insurance
- Paper
The standard documents are the basic documents that the students are asking for and the special documents are less important, as only some Local Committees ask for them. So it's mandatory to upload the standard documents, but not the special ones. (Students do it when asked for by the LEO/NEO.)
The upon arrival documents are hard copies documents that the students are requested to take with them in the host country.”
Immunization requirements
  1. Pertussis
  2. Tetanus
  3. Diphtheria
  4. Polio
  5. Tuberculosis (TB)
  6. Measles
  7. Mumps
  8. Rubella
  9. Varicella
  10. Hepatitis B

  • As NMO we require Health insurance however, this insurance CANNOT be arranged in our country, and should be arranged in your home country.
  • As NMO we do not ask for travel insurance, thus the exchange student is not required to be insured for travel insurance, the travel insurance should be arranged in your home country if wanted, we currently do not have this type of insurance in our country for exchange students.
  • As NMO we do not ask for malpractice insurance thus the exchange student is not required to be insured for malpractice, the malpractice insurance should be arranged in your home country if wanted, we currently do not have this type of insurance in our country for exchange students.

16 Weeks

Special remarks
  • SPECIAL DOCUMENTS OF LCs: Students must fill in and upload the LCs Application Forms as every other document in the CoD. Note that these special LCs AFs should be signed and stamped by the university dean or any other authorized person.

2- In English

  • Please read the following carefully:
    Extra Documents: The IFMSA application form is NOT accepted by the university. A specific application form must be filled and submitted in the card of documents under the heading "LC application form". This is the MOST IMPORTANT document without which no student is accepted!! Please download the documents of the LCs chosen in the desired cities, fill them out and upload them in the Card of Documents (should be uploaded under the titles; LC application form + Other in the CoD)
    (Note: not all LCs AFs are provided here, so in case of the need to fill other AFs than those provided here; the exchange students must send the special AF filled in one week maximum after receiving an email from us or they might get rejected)

    - JUST LC Application Form :

    - UJ LC Application Form : 
**We do accept Graduate Students only if they have sent their AFs within 6 months of graduation.

Card of Acceptance
8 Weeks
Special remarks
  • CA will be sent at least 8 weeks before starting the clerkship. No student will have boarding and lodging out of the dates specified in the CA. Please be aware that the department may not be definitive by the time of sending the CA. Dates on the CA are mandatory!! If you have any special requests that can be justified, please do so BEFORE we issue the CA. Afterwards we expect you to attend to the exchange exactly as we stated it. We cannot agree to postpone a contract if the sending NMO cancels the exchange after receiving the CA, but usually we do accept substitutes, in agreement with our NEO, but not necessarily for the same period.
Card of Confirmation
4 Weeks
Special remarks
CC must be sent at least 4 weeks before starting the clerkship, otherwise your exchange can be cancelled. Students must specify their exact date and time of arrival as well as their flight number in their CC. Not having sent any answer at least 2 weeks before the clerkship starts will mean the definite CANCELLATION OF THE CLERKSHIP.
4 Weeks
Special remarks
  • In case of cancellation no money will be refunded.
4 Weeks
Special remarks
  • Substitution has to be reported to the NEO-In at the latest four weeks before the scheduled start of the clerkship. However, that doesn't guarantee that it will be accepted for the same period.
  • The student or NEO of the country who canceled has to send an apology letter to the Head of department/the faculty three weeks in advance.
Additional Information
Update Date
07/14/2021 16:43
Validation Date
07/14/2021 00:00
Special remarks

- Exchange students MUST follow the morals and traditions of the country. Exchange students must follow some basic rules to ensure the exchange process goes as smoothly as possible. Any violation to the rules may subject the students to a serious investigation in which their NEO would be involved and may lead to termination of their exchange.
- IFMSA-Jo is not responsible for friends, family or pets and will not be accepted.
- The exchange students are responsible for the damage or misuse of materials, rooms or any other item that are lent to them during their stay and practice. The exchange student will pay any incurred cost.
- Clerkships are cancelled when the LC receives claims from the hospital for behavioral and/or professional notices. Lodging and board are not guaranteed after this cancellation.
- If your home university has any special demands, such as documents that need to be signed, we need to know this at least 2 weeks in advance.